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Webinar: The Agile Clinical Trial


Why a flexible, configurable, and dynamic approach to Clinical Trials is the post-pandemic solution for the most innovative sponsors.

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No two trials are the same. So, let’s stop pretending that all clinical trials are straightforward and that off-the-shelf solutions answer the challenges of modern drug development.

The world has changed, we are facing an uncertain environment, and we will not return to pre-COVID models. Today’s frontrunners require a platform that digitizes and decentralizes where it makes sense to do so but works with sites and investigators where needs must and can change rapidly—without breaking down. We need a way to realize hybrid trials without losing convenience or credibility. In other words, we need Agile Clinical Trials.

This webinar provides an opportunity to discover a different model and to harness a new mindset in clinical research, one which embraces agility. A model that adjusts as technology becomes available, as early findings are surfaced, as regulators evolve, as real-world data influences trial protocols. And, of course, as patient preferences are prioritized.

As we already know, it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather that which is most adaptable to change. Perhaps this statement has never been truer than it is today.

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