Science 37 and UCB Biosciences Join Forces

Changing the Clinical Trial Ecosystem

Science 37 and UCB Biosciences team up to change the clinical trial ecosystem and focus on patient-friendly, technology-enabled research.

Partnerships are critical for many different industries, but they are especially critical when you’re trying to fundamentally change the clinical trial ecosystem. That’s why it’s exciting for Science  37 to announce its new partnership with UCB Biosciences to further the reach of decentralized clinical trials.

Here are some key benefits of the partnership that the two companies anticipate:

  • Improved clinical trial experience for all
  • Participation in UCB research studies will be more patient-friendly
  • Research data will be more representative of real life
  • Certain treatments may hit the market faster

Here’s what our CEO Noah Craft says about partnering with UCB: “We created Science 37 to uniquely combine telemedicine technology, decentralized physician networks and in-house experienced clinical study staff to take on new and exciting research studies. We are thrilled to join forces and collaborate with UCB for an even better, more realistic patient experience moving forward.”

Read the full announcement here.

Lawrence Lloyd has more than a decade of experience in health communication strategies, marketing, and content development in academic, Fortune 500, and start-up environments. Lawrence earned his MA in journalism from USC and his BA in communication from California State University, Los Angeles. He loves exploring the different ways that Science 37 can expand patient access to innovative therapies.

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