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Benefits of the Science 37 Study Model

  • Make it simpler for patients to participate

    We accelerate clinical research by making it simple for patients to participate. By engaging with patients from the comfort of their own home, we provide access to patients who can never be reached by the traditional site-based model. In the traditional model, patients must live within the area of the selected sites, and patients must often make their own arrangements for logistics such as time off work, transportation, and childcare. These constraints contribute to why less than 5% of the U.S. population participates in clinical trials. It also means that patients are waiting longer for breakthrough treatments. Virtual trials reduce barriers to participation by bringing the research to the patients in the comfort and convenience of home, which eliminates many of the barriers inherent in the traditional model. Virtual trials also reach and engage broader, more representative, and otherwise inaccessible populations of qualified candidates. We leverage mobile technology and telemedicine to connect participants with the study team—anytime and anywhere—throughout the process.

  • Stay connected to your patients

    Although Science 37 study participants are supported by an expansive network of investigators and home-health nurses across therapeutic areas, we believe that primary care clinicians and other local healthcare providers are an important trusted resource to their patients who are taking part in clinical research. The ability to keep in touch during a study helps to improve the patient experience and ensure that patients are supported. Science 37’s study teams stay connected to participants and are always available to their local clinicians. Select study visits and assessments not appropriate for telemedicine may be conducted at locations within the patient’s local healthcare community whenever possible. From the beginning to the end of study participation, local providers can maintain a relationship with their patients who have joined a Science 37 research study.

  • Access study staff safely and securely

    Our high-touch patient services include patient visits conducted via telemedicine and mobile nurse visits, both at the patient’s convenience. Patients can safely and securely participate in clinical research from the comfort of home through Science 37’s mobile technology platform—the industry’s first and only comprehensive platform purpose-built to execute virtual trials. It supports virtual recruitment, electronic consent, videoconferencing, and seamless data collection, which streamlines remote interactions and data exchange between participants and study teams. The platform not only facilitates accurate, real-time data capture during in-home visits, but also offers patients a direct line of communication with our study teams.

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