S37 Journey

The Journey of a Science 37 Study Participant

Maybe you’ve been searching on the internet about how to possibly treat a medical condition or talking to medical professionals. Now you’ve educated yourself and learned about the possibility to participate in a clinical research study. Maybe you’re ready to sign up and want to know what happens after that.

Step 1:
We Call You

A compassionate and knowledgeable Science 37 research coordinator contacts you by phone to discuss the research study and answer your questions. The Science 37 research coordinator will also ask you some basic questions to learn more about you and determine if the study is a good fit.


Step 2:
You Learn More


You can talk to your family and close support group, who can help you decide if this research study if or you.

Step 3:
You Give Consent

We make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you understand the details of the research study before you decide to participate. Once ready, you’ll provide your consent to participate through our easy-to-use virtual electronic consent process. This can be done in your home.


Step 4:
You Get Screened


Prior to enrolling in the study, we need to learn a bit more about you through a comprehensive screening process. You answer some eligibility questions over the phone. With your consent, we may obtain your medical records. You may also have a nurse visit your home to complete simple tests, like those you’d get at your doctor’s office. Results are reviewed by the study doctor who confirms your eligibility to participate in the study. If eligible, then you’re officially enrolled!

Step 5:
You Participate

  • You borrow a study smartphone with access to the Science 37 platform, to keep you connected with the study team and doctor.
  • We ship study supplies to your home that may be used during the study.
  • You get reminders to complete questionnaires and take the study medication.
  • You regularly communicate with a research coordinator through the study smartphone with access to the Science 37 platform.
  • You may occasionally video chat with the research coordinator and study doctor through the Science 37 platform.
  • A nurse may come to your home to complete tests, like those you get at your doctor’s office.
  • You continue to see your doctor for routine visits and tests.


  • You’ll return the study smartphone and any supplies shipped to your home.
  • You will continue care with your doctor. You will be part of our Science 37 community and will receive news and updates about future research opportunities.
  • Congratulations on being a research participant!