Playing for the Long Term – NYT DealBook Conference

(Science Launch with Dr. Noah Craft Co-founder and CEO of Science 37 – courtesy of New York Times DealBook Conference)

Two weeks ago, I was presented with a great opportunity to speak amongst some very distinguished individuals at the New York Times DealBook Conference. In a modern world of instant gratification, this conference gave some innovators the chance to come together and speak of long term visions or goals.

At Science 37, we’re combining technology advances that have provided incredible speed and service to the world with a long-term vision to completely change the world of clinical research. By utilizing mobile technology, cloud services, telemedicine, and big engagement tools like Facebook and Google, we bring research and clinical trials to patients’ homes regardless of where they live. Our operating model for doing clinical research is shortening the time needed to bring new treatments to the market. Not only will large pharmaceutical companies benefit, but we are also opening opportunities for biotech companies to enter the market with new cutting-edge treatments.

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