Science 37 and Novartis Sign Strategic Alliance to Advance Decentralized Clinical Trials

Long-term commitment will launch up to ten collaborative research studies using Science 37 decentralized Metasite model

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. (March 6, 2018) – Science 37, a trailblazing company focused on “site-less” clinical trials, announced today a strategic alliance with Novartis that will support the development of its new decentralized clinical trial (DCT) offerings. This three-year commitment will enable a more extensive portfolio of trials powered by the Network Oriented Research Assistant (NORA®), Science 37’s proprietary technology platform that enables patients to participate in clinical research regardless of their geographical location using mobile devices and telemedicine services.

Through this collaboration, Science 37 will share its knowledge of the emerging decentralized clinical trial (DCT) space and offer customized enterprise software solutions to power US-based trials in the areas of dermatology, neuroscience and oncology, scheduled to launch in 2018.

“We are excited to deepen our relationship with an industry leader in innovative drug development like Novartis. As one of our earliest investors and supporters, their senior leadership recognized the value proposition of our NORA® technology platform and ‘siteless’ clinical trial model,” said Noah Craft, MD, PhD, and co-founder and CEO of Science 37. “We are thrilled to launch this strategic alliance to accelerate our patient-centered scientific work together across these new therapeutic areas.”

Science 37’s proprietary digital “innovation layer” will be applied to further enhance Novartis’ leading clinical development programs, enabling collaborative online work streams for sharing its deep knowledge of DCTs, advising on study design, protocol, recruitment, and regulatory considerations over the course of this three-year commitment.

Science 37’s core offering is focused on leveraging technology and telemedicine to make clinical trials better for patients.  By making clinical trial participation from home more accessible, the company is also directly working to address the lack of diversity represented in traditional trials.  Currently less than 10 percent of minorities are represented in clinical trials and the percentage involved in cancer trials can be below two percent. Science 37’s telemedicine-based clinical research model, the Metasite™ or “site-less” trial, bridges the geographic gap that exists between many patients and leading clinical researchers.

About Science 37

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Science 37 is a technology-enabled clinical research company built by a team of doctors, scientists, and technologists whose mission is to accelerate biomedical research by putting patients first. They are revolutionizing clinical research with a decentralized operating model – the Metasite™ – which connects all people to science. Network Oriented Research Assistant (NORA®) is their cloud-based, patient-centric mobile platform that safely and securely supports end-to-end clinical trial services from recruitment to complete “site-less” trial execution. Researchers can find the right patients and patients can find the right trials, resulting in more access for everyone. By removing geographic limitations, Science 37 has demonstrated greater participant diversity and increased clinical trial efficiency and speed. Ultimately, Science 37 enables higher quality, people-powered science to advance digital health innovation. Learn more at, and follow Science 37 on Twitter @Science37x.