Science 37 and VisualDx Partner To Provide A More Patient-First Approach to Decentralized Clinical Research in Dermatology

Healthcare Informatics Company With Proven Products to Enhance Diagnosis Will Partner With End-to-End DCT Platform, Offering Patients and Healthcare Providers a Trusted Medical Resource for Diagnosing Skin Conditions

PLAYA VISTA, CA. and ROCHESTER, NY. (April 24, 2018) – Science 37, a trailblazing company focused on “site-less” clinical trials, and VisualDx, the world’s leading diagnostic clinical decision support system for physicians and front-line providers, announced today a strategic partnership that will empower the public to make better-informed decisions with their doctors about managing skin problems.

As part of this agreement, both Science 37 and VisualDx will look to engage patients and clinicians from their respective networks to boost clinical trials awareness, education, and participation. The synergies will come from combining VisualDx’s consumer reach and expert-curated diagnostic database of over one-hundred thousand skin related images with Science 37’s patient-driven content and media production capabilities.

“Patients have increasingly more responsibility for making their own healthcare decisions.  They are managing high deductible plans and tax-free accounts, which means they have to be as well informed as possible.  Doctors aren’t always available to be your guide, so we all go online to learn more, and that’s why finding accurate medical information is critical, ” said Belinda Tan MD PhD, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Science 37. “The partnership with VisualDx aims to provide patients with more high-quality educational content to help them make better healthcare decisions, including whether or not to participate in a clinical trial.”

“Despite increased availability and improvements in public information and mobile technology, the barriers to accurate diagnosis and access to clinical trials remain too high,” said Art Papier MD, CEO and co-founder of VisualDx. “Partnering with Science 37 brings incredible resources to our clinicians and patients including matching patients to clinical trials they can participate in  from the comfort of their home.”

Both founded by dermatologists, Science 37 and VisualDx began with a focus on improving the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions since 1 in 4 Americans are seen by a physician for a skin problem each year. At the same time, non-dermatologists misdiagnose skin conditions almost half the time.

The full VisualDx suite is a web and app-based clinical decision support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety. Used in more than 1,700 hospitals and clinics around the world VisualDx is based on the world’s largest curated and metadata-enabled medical image library. Its current consumer-facing website, Skinsight (, and forthcoming CoreML enabled app Aysa (, attracts over half a million unique visits per month with trusted and unbiased skin health information.

Unlike other digital health solutions in the space, Science 37’s Metasite™ or “site-less” model helps researchers engage directly with trial participants from study start to finish. This direct connection improves the participant experience, increases diversity across trials, and accelerates study recruitment.

For people interested in joining or supporting the Science 37 community, as well as partners and clinicians interested in learning more about Science 37’s industry impact and unique approach to clinical trials, please visit You can find details on VisualDx’s clinical decision support offerings on, and to learn more about VisualDx’s consumer network, please visit and


About Science 37

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Science 37 is a technology-enabled clinical research company built by a team of doctors, scientists, and technologists whose mission is to accelerate biomedical research by putting patients first. They are revolutionizing clinical research with a decentralized operating model – the Metasite™ – which connects all people to science. Network Oriented Research Assistant (NORA®) is their cloud-based, patient-centric mobile platform that safely and securely supports end-to-end clinical trial services from recruitment to complete “site-less” trial execution. Researchers can find the right patients and patients can find the right trials, resulting in more access for everyone. By removing geographic limitations, Science 37 has demonstrated greater participant diversity and increased clinical trial efficiency and speed. Ultimately, Science 37 enables higher quality, people-powered science to advance digital health innovation. Learn more at, and follow Science 37 on Twitter @Science_37x.


About VisualDx

VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system that has become the standard electronic resource at medical schools and hospital and clinic settings. VisualDx combines clinical search with a database of more than 41,000 of the best medical images in the world, plus medical knowledge from experts to help with diagnosis, treatment, self-education, and patient communication. Expanded to provide diagnostic decision support across general medicine, VisualDx brings increased speed and accuracy to the art of diagnosis. Learn more at