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Science 37 has created a whole new way of doing research and it started with the simple question, “What’s best for the people who participate?” Normally, clinical trials are built around university research centers and participants may have to travel there several times a week. But clinical trials at Science 37 are different- we build the clinical trial around you and your normal life. We designed a mobile app called NORA® for your phone or tablet that connects you safely and securely to our expert physician-researchers, no matter where you are. We will ship medications to your house and take care of you throughout the research through telemedicine using the NORA® app. Depending on the research, lab tests or mobile nurse visits may be arranged at your home. Our approach makes it easier for you and your family to be part of a clinical research study. NORA® gives research participants access to the world’s best researchers 24/7, but you can still see your regular doctors and live your normal life at home. We’re building a better way to do research, and we need your help to bring new treatments to patients who are waiting for them.

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One participant shares his powerful experience and personal perspective after taking part in a Science 37 clinical trial from home. You will see how using NORA®, Science 37's telemedicine-based research platform, helped him access the study team throughout this groundbreaking clinical trial.

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Science 37 and AOBiome Launch Virtual PhIIb trial of Microbiome Acne Treatment

Leading skin microbiome company AOBiome announced today the launch of its Phase 2B trial using its first-in-class live bacteria to treat acne. Phase 2B marks the advancement from the company's successful Phase 1B/2A dose-ranging safety study, which resulted in no serious adverse events and no difference in adverse events between treatment and vehicle groups. The Phase 2B trial is being jointly conducted with Science 37, a virtual trial site applying breakthrough telemedicine-based approach to bring clinical trials directly to patients' homes. With approximately 372 adult patients enrolled for the treatment of mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris in adults with AOB, the trial will also employ smartphones for collecting real-time patient data – an industry first. The study is expected to be completed by Q3 of 2017.

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