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What is NORA®

NORA® stands for Network Oriented Research Assistant, and is the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant technology platform that allows Science 37 to bring research directly to patients in their own homes. NORA® integrates telemedicine technology into the clinical research process, and supports Science 37’s end-to-end management of clinical trials. From the first steps of trial design, to connecting with patients at home, NORA® is there to help. Contact us to learn more.

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Impact of the Science 37 Approach

Metasite™-enabled clinical trials remove geographic barriers and unlock access to patients no matter where they live. Decentralizing the clinical trial away from traditional site-based centers eliminates critical barriers to rapid, cost-effective patient enrollment. Barriers include inaccessibility due to geography, lack of patient awareness and trust, and the inconvenience posed by site visits. Metasites increase the speed of trials by designing study activities around the lives of patients.

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    Science 37 offers end-to-end clinical trial services from protocol design and regulatory strategy to recruitment strategies and remote execution. Experience a truly connected clinical trial research process, from digitally enabled data collection, transfer, analysis and storage to trials by design that connect and recruit patients no matter where they live. Work with us to accelerate discovery and improve patient health.

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    Science 37’s high-tech and high-touch research services allow you to focus on what matters – the patient. Mobile technology and a dedicated research staff enable clinical trial participation from home keeping clinicians connected to the patient. A network of mobile nurses and existing healthcare providers supports real-time communication to ensure appropriate study execution and patient safety.

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