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The Clinical Trial Shift: Sites that Follow the Patient


With the pandemic mostly now in our rear-view mirror, across the clinical trial industry we are still seeing the same struggles—recruitment, enrollment, and access.

Traditional clinical trial sites are enrolling patients at less than 50% of pre-pandemic levels. In addition, despite the widespread awareness and debate around the lack of diversity, and the emergence of the FDA's new DCT-friendly Omnibus bill, we haven’t yet seen a material change in inclusivity.

We are now experiencing a shift—to sites that follow the patient, rather than the other way around. We are taking the lessons learned from virtual clinical trials and applying them to the physical world. Providing the optimum balance, this model is designed to provide smart practicalities through the combination of trial orchestration and data capture (eliminating the need for data re-entry). This allows remote coordinators, mobile nurses, PIs, and Sub-Is to know where each patient is on their journey at any given time, providing much more confidence in trial data and insights.

In this video-on-demand, find out why a patient-centered approach requires both a shift—a mind shift—and a pragmatic, coordinated approach to seeing it through. Science 37 CEO, David Coman, and VP of Internal Medicine, Dr. Debra Weinstein, join a group of leaders from Janssen, Bayer, and Novartis, to discuss what the ideal patient model really is—and how to deliver this patient-first approach.



David Coman, Chief Executive Officer, Science 37

Debra Weinstein, Vice President, Internal Medicine, Science 37

Sid Jain, Head of Global Development Data Science Strategy and Portfolio, Janssen

Christoph Koenen, Head of Clinical Development and Operations, Bayer

Sam Hariry, Global Head of Clinical Innovation, Novartis

Paul Simms, Chief Executive, Impatient Health