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The Metasite™ in Action: How to Operationalize a Virtual Site for Dermatology


Dermatologic clinical trials can be a uniquely challenging endeavor for sponsors and clinical researchers, as it is difficult to identify and support patients who have not previously participated in a clinical trial, or used medications that might be exclusionary for a particular study. Because of these particular dynamics, virtual clinical trials present a unique solution as they enable expansive reach and access. 

In this video-on-demand, join a panel of experts and learn first-hand how to safely, compliantly, and efficiently operationalize a virtual site. Discover how virtual sites (such as the Science 37 Metasite™), help address many challenges in dermatologic research. Explore case studies that show how sponsors and CROs leverage decentralized clinical trials to improve access, equity, and ultimately accelerate recruitment and enrollment. 

With a new 30-minute format, “The Metasite™ in Action” Webinar Series is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of executives in Clinical Operations, R&D, Clinical Trial Sites, and Innovation.



Dr. Robert Stavert, Medical Director, Dermatology, Science 37

Dr. Vera David, Physician Investigator, Science 37