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The Metasite™ in Action: How to Operationalize a Virtual Site for Infectious Disease


In an era marked by continuously growing rates of international travel and increased urbanization, we are more connected than ever before. For infectious disease, this means pathogens can also travel further and more rapidly than ever. Treatment, vaccine, and diagnostics developers must respond to these health threats, bringing new products to market efficiently but without compromising safety and data quality. The adoption of virtual sites to support the development of these new products will increase accordingly.

In this 30-minute video-on-demand, a panel of experts discuss how to safely, compliantly, and efficiently operationalize a virtual site. They also cover how virtual sites (such as the Science 37 Metasite™), help address many challenges in infectious disease research and explore case studies that show how sponsors and CROs leverage virtual trials to improve access, equity, and ultimately accelerate recruitment and enrollment. 



Dr. Jonathan Cotliar, Chief Medical Officer, Science 37

Dr. Debra Weinstein, Vice President, Internal Medicine, Science 37