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Webinar—How Decentralized Clinical Trials are Impacting Research


While it’s no secret technology continues to drive disruption and transformation in the clinical trials sector, a new study suggests widespread change may be occurring even faster than we thought. What will the terrain look like in 12 months’ time, and how should sponsors and CROs approach this increasingly patient-centric pathway?

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Interpreting the numbers and explaining the significance of these shifts will be Dr. Jonathan Cotliar, Chief Medical Officer at Science 37, who will paint a vivid picture of the changing landscape and share his critical insights on how to prepare for the year ahead. Dr. Cotliar will also be on hand to answer your specific questions about the future of research and how to operationalize decentralized clinical trials.


Dr. Jonathan Cotliar, Chief Medical Officer, Science 37

Drew Bustos, Chief Strategy Officer, Science 37

James Chase, Senior Director, Thought Leadership