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What Clinical Trial Participants Want — And How Sponsors can Deliver


What is the optimal clinical trial design? What do patients want when considering a clinical trial? The optimal trial design is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is a series of countless permutations and protocol designs that must be carefully tailored to deliver the best trial for the patient and the sponsor.

In this video-on-demand, Jon Meyer, Co-Founder of Life Science Strategy Group, joined Science 37’s Chief Strategy Officer, Drew Bustos to share survey results showing insights into what patients want with clinical trials now.

The duo discussed:

  • The technologies that have the greatest, and most positive impact on participants
  • Which decentralized clinical trial elements are the top drivers of patient satisfaction
  • Why flexibility, convenience and at-home options are a must in clinical trial design
  • And, how to leverage an agile/hybrid approach to accelerate recruitment and improve patient diversity and retention

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