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Fully Decentralized Clinical Trials.


Science 37 brings a unique combination of our purpose-built technology platform and specialized networks to enable trial execution and better patient collaboration
Fully Decentralized Clinical Trials.

Specialized Networks Enable Agile Clinical Trials.

  • Patient Communities – With patients at the center of everything we do, Science 37 approaches our patient communities in three key ways: attracting participants, enrolling and retaining patients, and building representative communities

  • Telemedicine Investigators – Make it easier to access virtually any patient, anywhere, across any therapeutic area with experienced in-house oversight.

  • Mobile Nurses – Trusted, tech-enabled Science 37-trained mobile nurses bring extensive, global, in-home capability for numerous procedures and data collection, while operating on a single, unified set of SOP.
  • Remote Coordinators – Provide in-depth trial experience, leveraging our technology platform and standard processes, to ensure fulfillment requirements for clinical trial execution. This includes supporting eConsent, screening, enrolling participants, scheduling visits, and data entry.
  • Connected Devices – Customize, integrate, and enable data collection with virtually any connected device.

Decentralization on Massive Scale.


Trial requires thousands of blood samples and colonoscopies to predict colorectal cancer.


No geographic limitation

  • Nationwide enrollment
    • Web-based screening
    • Remote eConsent
  • Blood draw
    • System-triggered event
    • Mobile phlebotomist
  • Colonoscopy
    • Telemedicine Principal Investigator referral
    • System-triggered event
    • Local gastroenterologist procedure



Enrolled in a month


Enrolled in half of the total recruitment

We Have the Industry’s Most Advanced Technology-First Operating System — Seamlessly Orchestrating the Entire Experience For Patients and Investigators. .

Your Benefits.

Your Benefits.

  • Specialized networks sourced on-demand, across any therapeutic area and geography
  • Real-time access to all study data through our technology platform and role-based permissioning, ensuring the utmost protections for participant safety and data integrity
  • Cohesive patient experience enabled by our “closed-circuit” system with zero external handoffs

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