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Product Release Notes 2.60.0

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve your experience with our Science 37® technology platform.

Here are highlights of this upcoming release. Please note that these are subject to change, and we will notify you if a change occurs.

Site-Level Forms

The Data Manager no longer needs to recreate a particular form for multiple sites. A form can now be defined as “site-level”, and be available to all sites in the study.

Dialects and Languages for Forms

If a form is not available in a selected dialect, it will be displayed in the parent language. (For example, if “German - Austria” is not available, the form will display in German.)

Protection of Completed eConsent Forms

Once a Patient (or L.A.R.) has completed an eConsent form, the fields can no longer be altered by site staff.

Transferring Rules between Environments

The Data Manager can now import and export rules (from the Rule Builder) from one environment to another.

Audit Trail Enhancement

The Audit Trail now clearly captures the first name, last name, role, and email address of site users to easily keep track of and identify actions in the platform.

Target Release Date: Nov 30, 2021

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