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Product Release Notes 2.56.0

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve your experience with the Science 37 Platform©. To keep you up to date on key new features and improvements, Product Release Notes will drop into your inbox with every release. Here are highlights of what will come out in this release.


Form Display Window and Notifications

Data managers can now set a specific start and end time for a form to be displayed to the patient, allowing patient data to be captured in a specific timeframe. Patients can now receive a push notification before the start and end of the time window, reminding them to fill out forms within the allotted time.

Form Title Field Formatting

Data managers can now bold, underline, or italicize specific words in a field title. This lets them build forms that more closely duplicate the formatting of licensed ePROs.

Out-of-Range Alert

A pop-up now warns users that the data they entered in a form is out of bounds (e.g. a temperature higher than the expected maximum), while still allowing them to save the form. This serves as a visual alert to patients, while letting them confirm that the data they entered is indeed correct, even if outside of the guardrails.

Patient Status Filter Revisions

Investigators can now easily filter patient status, with a dropdown feature showing Active, Completed, Withdrawn or Inactive status.

Target Release Date: 
Sept 1, 2021

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