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Product Release Notes 2.59.0

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve your experience with our Science 37® technology platform.

Here are highlights of this upcoming release. Please note that these are subject to change, and we will notify you if a change occurs.

Auto-Applying Schedule Templates

In Rule Builder, the Data Manager can now build an event called “Add Schedule Template” that will apply a schedule template based on a condition that is triggered by the users.

Setting Dates for Forms in Schedule Template

The site staff can now set a specific date for the forms in a schedule template. The form will be displayed on the date specified instead of at the beginning of the time window. If the schedule date is outside of the window, the form will not follow the window's expiration date.

Dynamic Vertical Numeric Rating Scale for EQ-5D-5L.

Data Managers can now configure the vertical numeric rating scale field to be displayed on a wider range of devices.

Setting Language in Mobile App

In the patient’s account, the Coordinator can set the language preference for the patient’s mobile app.

Email Templates in Rule Builder

Data Managers can now create email templates in the Rule Builder, to send messages automatically.

Preventing Decimal Rounding

If in a form field, the user enters a decimal value that exceeds the set decimal scale (for instance, entering two decimal places when the field is set to one), the number will no longer be rounded up to fit the field. Instead, the user will see an alert to enter a valid value.


Target Release Date: 
Nov 4, 2021

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