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How to Operationalize Cardiology Clinical Trials with a Metasite™

Virtual sites (like the Science 37 Metasite™) are a patient-friendly decentralized clinical trial (DCT) model that enables expansive trial access and can support a wide range of cardiology indications like arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, hypertension, vascular disease, and more.

Through the Metasite, Science 37 brings together board-certified telemedicine investigators, in-house mobile healthcare nurses, and clinical research coordinators to support patients remotely—as a virtual site—all powered by a unified platform, ensuring high-quality data capture and protocol compliance. 

By bringing clinical research to patient's homes, regardless of location, Science 37 delivers:

  • Expansive Access
  • Real-Time Patient Support 
  • Better Enrollment and Retention 
  • Co-Management with Treating Physicians

Download the playbook to learn more about how a virtual site can benefit cardiology research, including real case study examples of the Metasite.



Jonathan Cotliar, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Science 37