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How to Operationalize Neurology Clinical Trials with the Metasite™

With a virtual site, clinical trial sponsors and research organizations can expand access and accelerate recruitment by allowing patients to participate from anywhere, regardless of location.

Through the Metasite™, Science 37 brings together our board-certified telemedicine investigators, in-house mobile healthcare nurses, and clinical research coordinators to support patients remotely—as a virtual site—all powered by a unified platform, enabling high-quality data capture and protocol compliance.

Our virtual approach presents many advantages, including:

  • Reliable, high-quality endpoint collection
  • Improved experience for patients and investigators
  • Patient recruitment that accurately reflects real-world patient populations
  • Centralized eligibility evaluation to enroll only the right patients for your study

Download the playbook to learn how a virtual site can transform your neurology clinical trial, and read real case study examples of the Metasite in action.



David Kudrow, MD, Medical Director of Neurology, Medical Affairs, Science 37

Jonathan Cotliar, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Science 37