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Science 37 Patient Recruitment

Central patient recruitment campaigns have proven helpful in accelerating enrollment, but the overwhelming majority of participant referrals never make it to the first office visit because they are not fully qualified, do not have a documented medical history, or are not fully informed regarding expectations for the study. As a result, sites are inundated with referrals that often go unanswered, and sometimes these referrals are even offered to participate in competing studies.

Science 37's patient recruitment solution not only recruits qualified patients, but also acquires and reviews the patient’s medical records to confirm eligibility, and fully consents them to participate with oversight from its primary investigators. 

Our approach offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased Enrollment
  • Higher Site Satisfaction and Productivity
  • Greater Patient Follow-Up
  • No Redirecting Patients to a Competing Study
  • Improved ROI and Efficiency

Download the fact sheet today to learn more.