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White Paper

A Survey-Based Exploration of Biopharma's Shifting Landscape and the Crucial Role of Direct-to-Patient Trials

In the ever-changing landscape of clinical research, transformation is driven by forces of economic challenges, increasingly slender budgets, and the persistent hurdle of patient recruitment. The biopharma industry is facing an evolution that necessitates seamless integration of remote study conduct and virtual strategies into the fabric of clinical trials.

Download Science 37’s Future of Clinical Trials White Paper, 2023, a comprehensive analysis shaped by the perspectives of over 100 clinical trial executives spanning all therapeutic areas. This report captures the evolving landscape of clinical trials and sheds light on what is driving clinical research changes, with new findings showing the importance of bringing trials to patients as the path forward.

Access the white paper to discover:

  • Top challenges in clinical development
  • Industry utilization of virtual and hybrid approaches
  • Roadblocks to adoption and how to overcome them
  • The rise of virtual sites and the benefits they deliver



Jonathan Cotilar, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Science 37

Darcy Forman, Chief Delivery Officer, Science 37