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Transform Real-World Evidence (RWE) Studies with Virtual Approaches

Increased adoption of mobile devices, wearables, and other biosensor technologies has created a wealth of real-world data (RWD) sources for clinical trial sponsors to leverage for both interventional and observational research. Combined with continual advances in both telemedicine and analytics, these new sources of real-world data open up new ways to engage patients for longer-duration studies, such as those for registries, natural history studies, labeling changes, pharmacovigilance, and more.

As with interventional clinical trials, these studies typically struggle to recruit and engage patients, onboard research sites and providers, and collect and validate high-quality data.

The Science 37 Metasite™ leverages a decentralized study format to connect the patient with the study investigator and the Science 37 study team remotely—to collect real-world data beyond traditional research sites. The Metasite is ideally suited to tackle the industry's biggest challenge with clinical research—participant access and reach.

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