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White Paper

An Executive Clinical Trial Playbook

How Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials Accelerate Research and Enable Diversity


While no longer a new concept, decentralized clinical trials can be challenging to comprehend. Across the industry, the model is not entirely outlined or defined. Decentralization is not an all-or-nothing approach, it is a spectrum of hybrid designs that when implemented correctly deliver transformative results.  In this white paper, Science 37 leaders discuss where decentralized research is now, and where we are headed. Experts unveil new—and proven— models that help improve patient enrollment, experience, and real-world representation while enabling high-fidelity data and enhanced participant compliance. 


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  • Common DCT models and the benefits they deliver
  • How decentralized trials can help improve diversity and real-world representation
  • And new frameworks to incorporate decentralization or hybrid models into trial design