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Science 37 Delivers 22x Faster Enrollment than Traditional Methods in Phase 3 Asthma Clinical Trial

May 2, 2024
Science 37 Delivers 22x Faster Enrollment than Traditional Methods in Phase 3 Asthma Clinical Trial

Partnership with Leading Biotech Company Enrolls 28% of Study Participants with 22x Greater Enrollment Velocity Compared to Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Clinical Trial Sites


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., May 2, 2024—Science 37 Holdings, Inc. today disclosed the latest enrollment figures resulting from its Metasite™ and Patient Recruitment partnership with a leading biotech company whose asthma drug is currently undergoing a Phase 3 clinical trial.


Leveraging its proprietary Metasite™ and Patient Recruitment solutions, Science 37 contributed 28% of all randomized study participants over a 15-month enrollment window. Science 37 averaged 44 patients enrolled per month, while each of the 55 brick-and-mortar sites supporting the trial enrolled an average of two participants per month. Science 37 delivered an enrollment velocity 22x greater than study sites in the trial and reduced the study’s overall time-to-target enrollment.


“When a study sponsor entrusts us to fully accelerate its clinical research, our role becomes twofold,” said Dr. Lianne Marks, Medical Director and Primary Investigator at Science 37. “The first is to improve upon the traditional patient recruitment model using the built-in outreach, screening, and medical consent advantages of our recruitment solution. The second is to further enhance study conduct through our Metasite by expanding participant access to the 90+ percent patient population that is unreachable in brick-and-mortar research,” she added.


Science 37’s Patient Recruitment is available on a standalone basis to clinical research sponsors and CROs looking to enhance their patient enrollment efforts, or in combination with Science 37’s industry-leading flagship Virtual Site, the Metasite™, as part of an accelerated research offering. For more information, please visit


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Science 37’s mission is to accelerate clinical research by enabling universal trial access for patients. Through our solutions; the Metasite™ and Patient Recruitment, we accelerate enrollment by expanding the reach of clinical trials to patients beyond the traditional site and rigorously qualifying patients prior to referring them to a traditional site. Our solutions are powered by a proprietary technology stack with in-house medical and operational experts that enhance quality through standardized workflows and best-in-class study orchestration. To learn more, visit, or email


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