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Science 37 Provides Fully Consented Patients to Sites to Supplement Enrollment

April 17, 2024
Science 37 Provides Fully Consented Patients to Sites to Supplement Enrollment

New patent-protected, central recruitment offering leverages the Science 37 Metasite™ to accelerate enrollment and dramatically reduce site burden.


Research Triangle Park, NC, April 17, 2024 – Science 37 Holdings, Inc., the clinical research industry’s leading Metasite™, today announced the launch of a stand-alone Patient Recruitment Solution to deliver patients to sites that are eligible, medically reviewed, and fully consented.


While traditional central patient recruitment campaigns have proven to be effective in accelerating enrollment, they are fraught with inefficiencies. The majority of referred patients are not fully qualified, do not have a documented medical history, or are not fully informed regarding expectations for the study. Many sites don’t have adequate resources to follow up on all their referrals, and even when they can, very few patients ever make it to their first screening visit. Sometimes these patient referrals are even offered the ability to participate in competing studies.


Science 37 is leveraging its Metasite to not only recruit patients, but also to acquire and review patients' full medical records, and consent patients into studies with oversight from Science 37 Primary Investigators. The Company also has the capability to manage many of the run-in procedures—from the comfort of the patient’s own home—that are often required to fully qualify a participant.


“We’ve been recruiting, qualifying, and consenting patients for 10 years as a Metasite,” said Erica Prowisor, Senior VP of Patient & Provider Networks at Science 37. “We empathize with sites on the complexity required to turn a referral into a consented participant. Today, we’re offering sponsors the opportunity to relieve sites of that burden, ensure their recruitment spend is more efficient, and meet their ultimate goal of accelerated enrollment.”


With its recent merger with eMed, Science 37 will dramatically expand its access to new patients and technology to further enhance its enrollment process. The Company also has a patent pending with respect to its solution to ensure it will continue to be one-of-a-kind.


About eMed

eMed is a telehealth and diagnostics company that develops a leading digital point-of-care platform designed for complete testing processes to be done at home. The company's platform provides verified test results and access to on-demand prescription treatment with same-day delivery, enabling consumers to easily get tested and receive expert healthcare guidance.


About Science 37

Science 37’s mission is to accelerate clinical research by enabling universal trial access for patients. Through our solutions; The Metasite™ and Patient Recruitment, we accelerate enrollment by expanding the reach of clinical trials to patients beyond the traditional site and rigorously qualifying patients prior to referring them to a traditional site. Our solutions are powered by a proprietary technology stack with in-house medical and operational experts that enhance quality through standardized workflows and best-in-class study orchestration. To learn more, visit, or email


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